Memorial Day



Tomahawk Ribeye Choice Angus

     $13.99 Per Pound

Hormone and Antibiotic Free Boneless and Skinless Chicken Breast

    3 Pounds for $10.00

Colby Jack Cheese

     $3.99 Per Pound

Yellow Fin Tuna Steaks

     $9.99 Per Pound

Whole Catfish

     $6.99 Per Pound

Market Made Italian Sausage (Hot or Sweet)

     $5.99 Per Pound

Prime Briskets

     $4.99 Per Pound

Ground Charles

     $4.99 Per Pound

Bacon Burger Patties

    $5.99 Per Pound

Summer Sausage

    $3.99 Per Pound

Chuck Roast

    $5.99 Per Pound

  • All meat is minimally processed.
  • Ground chuck/beef is all-natural.
  • Chicken is hormone and antibiotic free.